SASW is still very much alive and we will be applying again to the DfE in October.

We have now had our telephone feedback conference with the DfE. They are very positive about:
1) our rationale i.e. the reason for SASW in Uckfield
2) our curriculum
3) our proof of need for the school and of parental demand
4) our engagement with the community.

We have areas to improve on within:
1) our governance structure
2) our financial resilience model
3) our assessment processes.

Between now and October we are confident that we can rewrite these sections to deal with the points that we need to clarify.

In summary: we apply again by 10th October, hope for good news in early 2015, and aim to open in September 2016. Please (re-)register your interest now so that we can demonstrate that our demand remains strong.

  • If you have previously registered your interest and would still make our school your first choice in 2016, please click HERE to tick a simple confirmation statement.
  • If you have not yet registered your interest please click HERE to give us the information that we need, to summarise and prove demand to the DfE.

By doing one or the other of these, you will boost our application and help this exciting project come to fruition.
Education Growth Plan. We will be refining our plan for populating the school until it is be full with parallel classes all through, and we will publish it here in due course.

Steiner Academy Sussex Weald, a free school initiative, aims to provide diversity and choice to parents for their children’s education, and will eventually offer places to pupils from 4 -16 years of age. The school will deliver a Steiner curriculum with a renewed impulse for the 21st century in the state-funded sector.


We aim to open in September 2016, in the Uckfield area of East Sussex.

The initiative is being created by individuals with a passion for education – parents, teachers, professional people and others who believe in the importance of choice in education.

After initial research we have decided to focus efforts on opening our school in, or close to, Uckfield where we will provide Steiner education that is excellent, free and open to all.

As a Steiner Academy we have formed, and shall maintain, strong links with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship and with other existing and pre-opening state-funded Steiner Academies.

Our education vision is to have respect for childhood, and to nurture in the developing student respect for all human beings. Please read the Vision Summary  for more information.

We aim to encourage a sound work ethic in order to achieve academic excellence.

We now have a PayPal Account to allow us to generate some funds to replenish what has been spent so far on talks, leaflets, printing and stalls. If you are able to donate, we are extremely grateful for your support.Thank you.